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Antique Stone Troughs

Antique stone troughs are true pieces of art.

Lichens and moss add to the beauty of the piece.

 No two troughs are ever the same.

Usable antique troughs are becoming very scarce.

These wonderful antique stone relics live on for centuries becoming more beautiful over time.

Did you know that for thousands of years, antique stone troughs were hand carved from a single block of stone? Their production abruptly stopped about 200 years ago, when the industrial revolution in Europe made cast iron a faster and less labor-intensive endeavor. Each chisel mark, still visible today on the rough surface of the stone, tells a story and we think you will agree that owning one of these antique troughs is akin to owning a piece of history, one that will never be duplicated. Nowadays, these beautiful rustic stone troughs are becoming rare and are used as garden features, planters or converted into elegant water fountains. The beauty of troughs‘ patina is unrivalled, and connoisseurs will appreciate their uniqueness.



We consider them to be true pieces of art.

Antique granite trough with drainage hole (#6)

30"x15"x12" $1,200

Antique sandstone trough

(#29) 26"x19"x10"  170lbs 


FR Antiquities #9  2020-12.JPG

Antique sandstone trough (#9)

23"x19"x13" 147lbs  SOLD

Beautifully asymmetric antique limestone trough with drainage (#5)

44"x32"x20"   780 lbs  SOLD

Massive antique Volvic basalt trough with drainage (#4)

74"x25"x16" 1,108 lbs   SOLD

Antique Volvic basalt trough (#7)

24"x13"x8"  121lbs   SOLD

Antique basalt stone trough with drainage (#12) beautiful moss

29"x14"x11" 191lbs  SOLD

Softly rounded antique granite trough with drainage (#36) 

24"x24"x12"  479lbs  SOLD

Granite trough (#15)

19"x17"x13" 159 lbs  $900 

Antique sandstone trough with drainage (#14)

22"x21"x12"  359lbs  $900 

Antique hamster wheel (#8)

15"x13"  147lbs  SOLD

Amazing chunky granite antique trough with drainage (#57)

26"x23"x13" 1,200lbs  SOLD

Antique Volvic basalt trough (#25) 

26"x18"x13"  287lbs SOLD

Antique Volvic basalt trough (#27a)

25"x15"x9"  SOLD

Quaint antique sandstone

trough (#56)

18"x12"x12" ~200lbs  SOLD

Unusually shaped antique sandstone trough (#32)

23"x19"x12"  262lbs  SOLD

Antique limestone trough with drainage (#28)

27"x14"x9" 135lbs  $300

Rounded antique sandstone trough with drainage (#31)

34"x17"x12"  401lbs   SOLD

Antique sandstone trough with drainage(#30)

32"x22"x12"  426lbs  $1,500

Antique Volvic basalt trough (#24)

23"x17"x9"  191 lbs  $450 

Special teardrop-shaped antique sandstone trough (#22)

27"x20"x12"  221lbs  SOLD

Antique Volvic basalt trough (#13)

19"x16"x7"  81lbs  SOLD

Antique granite walnut press with drainage (#54)

28"x28"x18"  903lbs   SOLD

Intriguing large basalt antique trough (#34)

63"x31"x18"  1,322lbs SOLD

A matched pair....

Antique sandstone trough (#2)

69"x25"x16"  1,022lbs  SOLD

Antique sandstone trough (#3)

70"x23"x16" 965lbs  SOLD

Imposing Volvic Basalt trough

with drainage (#1)

83"x22"x17"  1,200lbs   SOLD

Antique granite trough with drainage (#55)

37"x17"x14"  459 lbs  SOLD

Antique Volvic basalt trough

44"x17"x11"  331lbs  (#50)  SOLD

Antique sandstone trough (#23)

33"x20"x9"  275lbs   SOLD

Antique Volvic basalt trough (#26)

59"x18"x13", 593lbs  SOLD

Antique walnut press with drainage (#36)

28"x28"x12" 628lbs SOLD

Come visit our collection located at:
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1120 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis MD 21403

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