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Architectural Treasures

Personalize your property or your company, elevate your garden center, augment your designs, amaze your customers, by incorporating a piece, two or ten from our curated French garden antiques collection.

If you need a specific piece, we are happy to search for you.

Contact us for a quote.

Still available as of 8/1/23

Objects of METAL

Pair of large beautiful vintage pendant garden lights

Section of elegant XIX century cast iron railing 63"x37"  $1,200   (#58)    

Ornate garden table with glass

Large vintage metal scroll

Vintage wrought iron door with ingot

92"x34" $800

Interesting cast iron scrolls

Objects of STONE

Old Volvic Stone pedestal

Hand carved antique finial 

XIX Century Volvic Basalt hand-carved fireplace mantel with legs (#63) $3,200.00

Floral motif carved pedestal

Old Mortar carved in volcanic stone

Vintage Basin of reconstituted stone

French Antique 

sharpening stone 

Objects of CLAY

Large clay decorative element


 Vintage Clay Decorative element

 $100 each

 Vintage Clay Decorative element


 Vintage Clay Decorative element

$50 each

Come visit our collection located at:

Bay Ridge Nursery

1120 Bay Ridge Road, Annapolis MD 21403

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